Basic knowledge of stock investment. Stock beginners should remember this much first


If you want to start investing in stocks, there is a basic knowledge you need to know.

However, the range of basic knowledge is wide, and it may take a long time to learn and absorb everything, or the situation may be full just by learning the basic knowledge.

Therefore, this time, we have summarized the basic knowledge that beginners who are starting to invest in stocks should know.

If you know the basic knowledge of this time, we have summarized it so that you can start investing in stocks, so please refer to it.

  • What you can see in this article

  • Basic knowledge of stock investment that beginners should know
  • How to make money by investing in stocks
  • How to start investing in stocks


  • Basic knowledge that stock investment beginners should know

There is a basic knowledge you need to know when you start investing in stocks.

Without basic knowledge, it is difficult to start stock investment, and if you try to start stock investment with just a can, you will be in a state of groping and it will be inefficient.

Therefore, beginners who are about to start investing in stocks will be able to earn faster as a result if they start with basic knowledge as much as possible.

Now, let’s take a look at the basic knowledge necessary to start investing in stocks.

  • What is a stock?

In order for a company to start a business, it needs funds to be used for personnel expenses, development expenses, purchase expenses, etc.

At that time, stocks are issued to raise funds (project costs) from many investors.

It means issuing shares in exchange for the funds.

Investors invest money because they have the advantage of being able to participate in the management of a company and receive profit sharing just by holding this stock.

The stock price, which is the price per share, fluctuates depending on the business condition and business performance of the company, and stock investment is aimed at profits by utilizing the fluctuation of the stock price.

  • How to make money by investing in stocks

There are two reasons why you can make a profit by investing in stocks.

One is due to buying and selling due to fluctuations in stock prices. You can make money by buying stocks when the stock price is low and selling when the stock price is high.

For example, I bought a stock when the stock price of company A was 10,000 yen.

When I checked the stock price a week later, the stock price had risen to 15,000 yen and I sold the stock.

Then, I was able to sell the stock I bought for 10,000 yen for 15,000 yen, and the difference of 5,000 yen is a profit.

The second is the profit that can be obtained just by holding the stock.

As I introduced a little when I explained the stocks, you can get the profits that the company earned from the business to be distributed just by holding the stocks.

At that time, you will receive dividends and shareholder benefits.

Dividends are the distribution of profits of a company, and you can receive dividends by holding shares until a specific date.

Shareholder benefits allow you to receive corporate services in the form of gift certificates and gifts, and various types such as discount coupons, foodstuffs, and catalog gifts are available for each company.

In other words, in stock investment, there are two profits: the profit obtained from the trading difference of stocks, the dividend and the shareholder benefit.

  • You can choose an investment destination from over 3,000 types of stocks

Stocks that can be invested in stocks are called stocks, and there are more than 3,000 types of stocks, and you will select the stock to invest in and trade.

The stock price is different for each stock, but we must pay attention to the mechanism of unit stock.

The unit share is the minimum number of shares required to purchase shares, and is currently decided to be purchased every 100 shares.

In other words, if the stock price of Company A is 1,000 yen, 100,000 yen will be required because 100 shares must be purchased.

Therefore, you can choose from more than 3,000 stocks, but keep in mind that you can only buy a stock price that can be used as investment funds.

  • Let’s know how to start stock investment as basic knowledge

From here, I will introduce the actual procedure for starting stock investment.

The procedure to actually start investing in stocks is as follows.

  • Open an account at a securities company
  • Choose a stock to invest in
  • Actually buy and sell

I will introduce each one one by one.

  • Open an account at a securities company

In order to buy stocks with a stock investment, you need to place an order through a securities company.

Therefore, you must open an account at a securities company as the first step to start investing in stocks.

There are two securities companies, an online securities company and a store-type securities company, but considering the fees and the trouble of opening an account, the online securities company is recommended.

And even online securities companies have different fees and tools that can be used for trading, so pick up a few companies you care about and compare them before choosing.

Please refer to ” Three steps you absolutely want to hold down to start stocks ” for details on how to open an account with a securities company .

  • Choose a stock to invest in

Next, if you can open an account at a securities company, choose the stock you want to invest in.

As I mentioned earlier, the minimum purchase unit for stock investment is 100 shares.

Therefore, please check the funds that can be used for stock investment before selecting a stock that you can buy.

Please note that you cannot buy stocks that have more stock prices than you can use.

It is also recommended to use the screening function of each securities company when selecting a stock.

Screening allows you to search for stocks based on specific conditions, and you can set various settings such as listed markets (TSE First Section, Mothers, etc.), investable amount, market capitalization, dividend yield, etc., so use it according to your preference.

  • Actually buy and sell

Then select the stock you want to invest in, and then buy or sell stocks.

There are basically two types of stock investment, margin trading and margin trading, but only margin trading can be a slightly special trading method.
In-kind trading aims for profit by buying and selling stocks, so it can only be placed from buy orders.

However, with margin trading, you can start trading not only from buy orders but also from sell orders called short sales.

In other words, short selling of margin trading is a trading method that buys back when the selling stock price is low when the stock price is high.

In times of a downturn such as a stock market crash, it is possible to aim for profits by making good use of short selling.

For short sales, how can you make money even in a down market? It is explained in detail in the article on expanding trading opportunities by short selling .

However, margin trading is a method of increasing funds up to 3.3 times and conducting transactions, but there are also certain risks.

Simply put, if the return is 3.3 times, the risk is 3.3 times.

Therefore, when investing in stocks for the first time, start with physical trading, and when you get used to it, try short selling with margin trading.







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