Tips for office workers work on equity investments

Are you a salaryman who has such doubts about stock investment now?

  • “Is it possible to balance work and stock investment?”
  • “How much do you need to start a stock?”

I would like to introduce you to the fact that there is no investment that is more compatible with office workers than stock investment in terms of initial investment amount and difficulty level .

In fact, stock investment has a chance to win even for office workers with no investment history, and it does not require huge initial funds like real estate investment. Moreover, it does not touch the rules prohibiting side jobs that are prevalent in the office worker society.

I’m grateful for this. In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that “stock investment is one of the investment products that salaried workers (company employees) are most likely to compete with.”

However, in order for an ordinary office worker to work and produce results by investing in stocks, it is necessary to devise a way to balance the main business and the buying and selling of stocks.

Therefore, on this page, I have summarized the tips related to stock investment while the office worker is doing his main business .

Table of contents

  • 1 The secret to successful stock investment is to skip
  • 2 companies don’t talk about stock investment
  • 3 Investment amount is within the range of surplus funds
  • 4 Recognize how to file tax returns
  • 5 Put a limit price at any time
  • 6 Do not expect semi-retirement
  • Put the 7- axis foot in the main business of office workers
  • 8 Even amateur office workers have a chance to win
    • 8.1 What are the four features?
    • 8.2 Use an investment adviser
  1. The secret to successful equity investment is to skip

The first thing that salaried workers should keep in mind when considering a balance between stock investment and their core business is that stock investment is a time-sensitive investment.

Actually, the stock market is open only for 5 hours from 9:00 to 11:30 and 12:30 to 15:00 on weekdays, so if you are not involved with the market during this time, you will not be able to invest in stocks. Possible.

In other words, if an ordinary office worker engages in stock investment, it is necessary to devise ways to successfully skip his main business as a company employee .

By the way, I would like to personally recommend the effective use of the toilet in order to successfully skip the main business as a salaried worker.

The reason is that if you use the toilet, your boss and colleagues will not be able to keep an eye on you, so it doesn’t matter if you make a stock investment on your smartphone. As expected, noisy bosses and colleagues do not monitor private rooms in the bathroom.

Of course, you can’t rush to the bathroom over and over again during business hours, so it’s a fact that you need to do this trick only a few times a day. In short, the number of times the toilet is used is the key to effective use of the toilet.

So if you want to spend your time investing in stocks during working hours, we recommend that you devise a lunch break .

In fact, the manager of an active office worker investor has a daily lunch break of 1 hour from 12:30 to 1:30 to match the opening of the market in the afternoon.

During this time, you can buy and sell stocks while spending about an hour while living a salaryman life while carefully watching the stock investment market.

Effective use of toilets and lunch breaks is indispensable for office workers when investing in stocks, so we recommend that you make effective use of them.

  1. The company doesn’t talk about stock investment

Earlier, I said that it is essential for office workers to “skip well” in order to work on stock investment, but there are also NG acts that should not be done on the contrary.

It is to talk to the bosses and subordinates of the office worker society and the same period that they are making money by investing in stocks.

Moreover, even if you are not making so much money from investing in stocks, it is desirable that your colleague’s office worker does not notice the fact that you are investing in stocks .

Because stock investment is not the main business of office workers, the eyes of the people around them who are working on stock investment are chilly.

Especially when it comes to profits, side-by-side principles such as “I think he’s good …” or “While we’re working hard, we’re buying and selling stocks …” It is subject to jealousy peculiar to the office worker society on the premise of.

Jealousy office workers can’t make the right decision because they’re angry at the fact that you’re the only one running away.

Considering this point, if you are going to buy and sell stocks while continuing your main business as a salaryman, we recommend that you do not talk about stock investment at all even if the other party is a homosexual salaryman who joined the company at the same time.

  1. The investment amount is within the range of surplus funds

One of the typical patterns of failure to balance the main business as a salaried worker and stock investment is that the result of the stock is too worrisome and the main business becomes unmanageable.

These are some of the most prominent and common patterns.

(1) Make a loss on stock investment and work on stock investment during working hours to recover the loss.

(2) As a result, the performance of the main business deteriorates, the standing position in the company deteriorates, the position is demoted, and the amount of salary decreases.

(3) I am trying to cover the decrease with stock investment, and my interest in my main business is getting lower.

You may think that no one will do it just by looking at (1) to (3) in writing, but there are many office workers whose main business performance deteriorates due to the result of stock investment.

In fact, when the manager himself made his debut as a salaryman investor, he was not a little worried about the investment results and the performance of his main business as a salaryman declined.

  1. The trick to avoid this situation is to invest in stocks within the limits of surplus funds.

This is because surplus funds are not necessary for living in an emergency, so even if you splurge on them as if you were playing, it wouldn’t be a big problem. If this is the case, you don’t have to worry if you lose the entire amount.

In the first place, it’s a side job because I have a main business as a salaryman. If this happens, the result of stock investment will hinder the main business as a salaried worker, and it will be overturned, so I would like to keep in mind that stock investment is related with surplus funds.

By the way, if you are wondering about the initial amount of funds when you work on stock investment, please see this page that features the estimated amount of initial funds.

  1. Recognize how to file tax returns

Since stock investment is not the main business of office workers but a side business, it is essential not to bother the company.

For that reason, it is necessary to avoid contacting the company due to omission of tax filing of profits generated from stock investment.

At that time, it is important to properly control the tax filing procedure for profits generated from stock investment.

This tax filing procedure differs depending on the type of securities account you use, and the tax rate also depends on the account you use .

Therefore, if you are working as a salaryman and investing in stocks, it is essential to check the tax filing procedure of the securities account you are using now.

If you do not confirm this and do not correctly declare the profit generated by the stock investment in the final tax return, you may be arrested for tax evasion.

In order to avoid such a situation, if you are going to invest in stocks that are not related to the main business of office workers, we recommend that you study the tax filing procedure more than anyone else.

  1. Put a limit price at any time

Unless you are a company with a lot of free time, you should not be able to frequently check charts showing stock price movements during your main business hours as a salaryman. What is worrisome when this happens is the risk that the stock holdings will collapse without seeing the market price.

In fact, in the world of equity investment, every stock is at risk of a plunge. With this risk in mind, it is essential for salaried investors who cannot always face the market to specify a “limit selling price” for their stocks.

This “sell limit” refers to a sell order that specifies the amount to sell in advance. And if you specify this sell limit, the amount of loss will be minimized even if the stock holdings plunge before you see the market price because your main business is busy.

This sell limit is a very convenient function for office workers, and if you are working as an office worker while investing in stocks, there is no reason not to use it.

Therefore, if you are an ordinary office worker whose market price is always difficult to confirm, it is recommended to make a rule to always put a sell limit on the stocks you own in case of emergency .

  1. I don’t expect semi-tires

Very rarely, some office workers are trying to make a profit from stocks and hopefully achieve semi-retirement.

Episodes of people who have made a lot of money from this stock investment and retired from the office worker life are often found in the world of blogs and books on the Internet, but this is not something that can be aimed at.

This is because at most 20% of salaried workers working on stock investment are making a little profit, let alone making a lot of money.

In other words, if there are 10 office workers, 8 of them are reducing their assets by investing in stocks.

In short, “earning from stocks and semi-retirement” is just an exception case .

And, in the first place, the expected return on a equity investment is to some extent proportional to the risk you tolerate. In other words, if you are aiming for semi-retirement by investing in stocks, you are taking a corresponding risk.

For example, you are required to use margin trading, take the risk of losing the entire amount of your savings, or borrow investment funds from financial institutions to increase your yuan.

It’s a different story if you take these risks and aim for semi-retirement seriously, but if you are not prepared to take such a big risk, we recommend that you abandon the expectations of semi-retirement .

By the way, this story is based on the premise that it is safe to abandon the expectations of semi-retirement, but if you are a salaried worker who is seriously aiming for semi-retirement by investing in stocks, how to live a life only by investing in stocks and stocks Please see this page that summarizes the reality of investment life.

  1. Axle feet are placed in the main business of office workers

The key to getting a good deal with the side business of stock investment by office workers who are busy with their main business is to put the axis of their lives on the fixed salary received from the company.

In other words, no matter how much you make a profit from investing in stocks as a salaryman investor, you should always recognize that your standard of living matches the salary level of your main business and that your main business is more important than investing in stocks.

The reason why it is better to emphasize the stance of “main business first” is that there is a fundamental difference between the salary paid by the company and the profit generated from stocks .

First of all, the salary paid by the company, which is unique to the former office worker, is a fixed salary that can be obtained on a fixed day no matter what happens every month.

On the other hand, the profit of a stock is not fixed every month, but it is a standing position like a bonus that makes a profit when it is profitable.

Moreover, unlike the bonus provided by the company, there is a risk that the total amount of assets will decrease because a loss will occur depending on the performance of the trade.

In other words, the profit of stocks is nothing more than extra income for salaried workers that is generated only when they are in good shape.

Considering the essence of the profits generated by such stock investment, it is not good to be too addicted to stock investment because the salary of the main business is more important than the profit generated by stock investment.

  • Even an amateur office worker has a chance of winning

So far, I have introduced the story that if a salaried worker engages in stock investment, he must consider the balance with his main business as a salaried worker.

Considering the balance with this main business as a salaried worker, you may feel that stock investment is not something that a salaried worker can easily produce results, but that is not the case. This is because stock investment has four characteristics, as I will introduce, so it goes well with the life of a salaried worker .

  • What are the four features?
  • You can win if you choose a good brand
  • Do not touch the side business prohibition regulations
  • You can easily trade on your smartphone
  • Earn more than an investment trust

The point in particular is that you can win if you choose an excellent brand at the top . In other words, no matter how busy an office worker (salaryman) is, if he succeeds in selecting a stock, he can get results by buying and selling stocks.

The reason why you can say, “If you choose a good stock, you can win” is because stock investment only buys and sells stocks, so if you find a good stock, you are almost guaranteed to generate profits.

In other words, the best way to win a stock investment is to find a good stock.

However, in order for salaried workers, who usually live a busy life as office workers, to be able to find excellent stocks, it is necessary to study stock investment for about one to two years.

Doesn’t it feel tremendous when you hear it for a year or two?

  • Use an investment adviser

By the way, if you are a salaryman investor who does not want to study this steady way and does not have time to do it, it is best to hire a professional stock investment adviser called an investment adviser .

In fact, with this investment adviser, every day, even office workers who are busy with their main business as office workers can find a number of excellent stocks without sacrificing their time.

Actually, because the manager himself uses an investment adviser, he is working full-time as a company employee (salaryman) on weekdays, but he is achieving an annual interest rate of 20%.

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