What is the way of winning stocks practiced by ever-winning investors

Do you have such troubles?

I used to say that I used to lose a series of battles in stock investment.

I was working on investment research day and night in search of a reliable way to win.

However, even with vague knowledge of stocks, it is a different story whether or not you can win in the actual situation.

No matter how much you worry alone, you usually don’t know how to win.

So, this time, I will tell you how to win based on my experience so far , as a manager who is actually doing well in stock investment .

Read this article and break away from your losing life.

Now, let’s take a look at how to win stock investment from the most important points.

Table of contents

  • 1 Is there a winning method for stocks in the first place?
  • 2 For those who still want to win the investment
    • 2.1 ① Study using books and teaching materials
    • 2.2 ② Entrust investment to an asset management company
    • 2.3 ③ Get advice from investment professionals
  • 3 What to do after all
    • 3.1 Decide not to do
    • 3.2 Start with imitation
    • 3.3 Make your own mold
  • 4 A silver bullet for those who want to make a profit right away
  1. Is there a winning strategy for stocks in the first place?

The most worrisome point for those who want to win in stock investment is, “Is there a winning method for stock investment?”

If you say that there is no body or lid from the introduction, the answer is “NO” .

Certainly, there are all kinds of investment methods in the world, and we cannot deny that each has its own potential and chances of winning.

However, even so, there is no “absolute” in the world of stock investment, and even good investment methods will have different effects (returns) depending on the skills of “individual investors”.

I’ve made a conclusion from the beginning that would hurt your expectations, but what if you really want to make money through equity investment right now?

The answer is very simple: “You should increase your winning percentage as much as possible .”

If so, what are the specific approaches to maximizing the winning percentage?

In the next section, I would like to introduce them in order.

  1. For those who still want to win the investment

By the way, as mentioned above, this section introduces three methodologies for increasing the winning percentage by investing in stocks.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at each policy immediately.

We will introduce the introduction from a natural case.

① Study using books and teaching materials

The first approach, as the title suggests, is to self-teach using investment books and materials.

Isn’t there some people who are a little out of tune? For some people, it may have been too obvious and unpleasant.

However, although it is not recognized as a surprise, if you want to acquire knowledge or learn in the true sense, first of all, gaining experience by self- education is the fastest and fastest way to know how to win .

It’s often said to be in a hurry, and a seemingly detoured self-study will definitely benefit us.

Nowadays, there are countless books and teaching materials on stock investment, and of course, there are a wide range of books and teaching materials on how to win investment.

It can be said that there are no environmental problems in self-study.

However, as I mentioned at the beginning of the text, self-study often stumbles at an early stage and reaches its limits.

In particular, we often hear from people who work during the day and those who are new to investment that self-study is too high a hurdle.

So, is there any way to win other than investing in stocks on your own?

Now that I have such a question, I would like to introduce the next policy.

(2) Entrust investment to an asset management company

The second approach I would like to introduce is not to invest in stocks yourself, but to ask someone (company) who can do it for you.

This is a flow of entrusting investment to a person of an asset management company and making a profit.

They are, so to speak, investment professionals.

Of course, I know how to win in the market, and it is possible to get results in a short period of time and with a high probability by entrusting them to them rather than continuing to lose to the dark clouds alone .

However, there are disadvantages to outsourcing to such a highly convenient asset management company.

For example, in terms of price and security.

Basically, asset management companies charge a large commission because they buy and sell stocks instead.

In addition, since I have not invested in stocks myself, there are many cases in which anxiety remains.

So, is there any other way to get rid of these negative factors?

Now that everyone’s expectations have risen, I’ll show you the last method.

③ Get advice from investment professionals

The last approach I’ll show you is to get advice from a stock investment professional.

In the case (asset management company) I introduced earlier, I was completely asked to act on my behalf, but here I would like to introduce only “advice”.

In fact, do you know that there is a service called “investment adviser” as an “advisor” for us individual investors?

This investment adviser and usage fee are much cheaper than those of asset management companies, and in many cases they have achieved excellent results in terms of investment performance, so we are developing a service that is especially recommended for those who cannot win in stocks .

For detailed business content, I will post a link to the page that explains investment advisors below, so if you are interested, please do not hesitate to check it out.

So far, we have seen at once how to win stocks and how to raise the winning percentage.

I think you understand the concrete approach,

“So what should I do after all?”

Many readers will say.

Therefore, in the next section, I would like to tell you what you should do specifically to win the stock, while holding down the points so far.

  1. What to do after all

From here, as mentioned above, I will give you detailed points on what investors who can not actually win in stocks should do as a first step.

Let’s start with the first point.

  • Decide not to do

The first point I would like to introduce is to decide what to do when investing in stocks.

This may seem a bit contradictory, but it’s something that a winning trader who knows how to win is thorough, and it’s definitely an indispensable promise for beginners.

For example, it is important to thoroughly implement the basics, such as “sell when stocks fall below XX yen (stop loss)” and “do not buy stocks with low credibility”.

Even if you keep this, the winning percentage will change considerably.

The more you know, the more greedy you become, and in order to know how to win in the stock market, where the basics tend to be sparse, it is very important to first decide not to do this.

  • Start with imitation

The next point I would like to introduce is “imitation” as the title suggests.

Imitation here means learning investment methods and techniques from stock experts and experienced people, and adopting the ones that you think are good.

If you do this, you do not have to think about the trading rules yourself, and since it is the trading rules of investors who are producing results, the risk of working on buying and selling stocks based on irrational trading rules is eliminated in principle. I will.

Considering this point, we recommend that you start by imitating the investor’s method, which has already produced results .

  • Make your own mold

The last point I would like to introduce is the flow of making your own mold after holding down the above two steps (points).

The story so far is like so-called “scaffolding”, and I have told you that you will gain experience by imitating the method of investors who actually know how to win.

If you gain a solid understanding of the basics and gain practical experience, you will naturally deepen your understanding of stocks and establish your own way of winning.

At this point, you are in a phase where you can apply the imitated trading rules and set your own original rules.

Establish your own method and continue to enjoy the joy of earning.

However, whether or not you can reach this stage in the end depends on how high quality stock information you have been able to input by then.

If you were capturing irrelevant information at the timing of the above “imitation”, it is obviously not your own model.

So how do you avoid that risk and get the shortest results?

In the next section at the end of this article, I would like to give you the best prescription for those who have such questions.

  1. A silver bullet for those who want to make a profit right away

After reading the articles so far, I would like to finally provide you with good quality information based on my own many years of experience, for those who want to start moving now and make a profit.

In retrospect, I myself have been able to make a profit by continuing to move forward from a losing trader who originally did not know how to win stocks and making appropriate improvements

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